Water  sources, use, conservation By Nancy Carlson

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sources • use • conservation
introduces students in grades 3 through 5 to the one resource we cannot live without, but take for granted. Water explains, in an engaging student-friendly manner, the Hydrologic Cycle or Water Cycle. It explains the different states of water and how these states affects the world we live in.

also discusses watersheds, river basins, and wetlands; and explains why irrigation is an important component of good water stewardship.

Writen to CORE & STEM standards and
The Pillars of Agricultural Literacy




About the author:

Nancy Carlson has a BA in Elementary Ed and an MA in Special Ed. For the past 30 years she has been a classroom teacher, a K-12 teacher for Ag-in-the-Classroom, and an adjunct instructor at a number of colleges in Colorado. She has developed and provided curriculum for grades K-12 in Math, English, Science and Social Studies. Carlson, a cattle rancher, also serves as the education chairperson for the Colorado Cattle Women's Association for which she travels the state; teaching about beef cattle to elementary school students and presenting at special events